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In cooperation with a corporate sponsor the UFT investigated more than 300 different ionic liquids and their precursors in screening toxicity assays, and several structures have been characterised (eco)toxicologically in detail using an (eco)toxicological test battery comprising different levels of biological complexity - from enzymes, cells, micro organisms up to organisms and multi-species-systems. Furthermore, several biodegradation tests were performed to determine the biodegradability of ionic liquid structures.

After we lost our corporate sponsor in September 2014 we cannot ensure a comprehensive update of data anymore, thus we decided to take our database offline.
We are very sorry to do so.

We are looking actively for a new sponsor to continue our work and hope we will soon find one.

We are open to adjust the database to the needs and interests of any new sponsor - adding features, providing direct links to the sponsor and more.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please feel to contact us:


For now, the UFT team say thanks!

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