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News 2014-08-29: Ecotoxicity data for benzylmorpholinium ionic liquids added (2011 literature data).


To the UFTThe UFT / Merck Ionic Liquids Biological Effects Database

This database is addressed to producers, developers and downstream users of ionic liquids in different fields of application to facilitate the selection of (eco)toxicologically favourable ionic liquids.

Since 2003, Merck KGaA and the "Ionic Liquid Working Group" of the Centre for Environmental Research and Sustainable Technology (UFT) joined into a university-industry partnership. The aim was to get data about (eco)toxicological hazards of ionic liquids structures and to identify ionic liquids with optimal technical applicability combined with a reduced hazard potential for man and the environment.

Within this cooperation, the UFT investigated more than 300 different ionic liquids and their precursors in screening toxicity assays, and several structures have been characterised (eco)toxicologically in detail using an (eco)toxicological test battery comprising different levels of biological complexity - from enzymes, cells, micro organisms up to organisms and multi-species-systems. Furthermore, several biodegradation tests were performed to determine the biodegradability of ionic liquid structures.

It is now known from these studies that there are ionic liquids with a low and a high hazard potential for man and the environment, and that the “greenness” strongly depends on ionic liquid substructure (anion, head group and side chain of the cation).

All results from these systematic studies - completed with data from literature - are now collected in this freely accessible ionic liquid database. The Merck KGaA financially supported these investigations at the UFT and provided their expertise in ionic liquids regarding their properties, synthesis and application. This engagement is in-line with Merck's approach to offer sustainable solutions of performance chemicals in a variety of applications.

To the DBUSponsored by: Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt

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